Help Nano Kid rescue his friends from the evil Cranky!


Nano Kid is the winner of the 'Best Indie Game' award at the 2004 Mobies, presented by GameSpot and Wireless Gaming Review. The jury writes: 'Nano Kid has everything a mobile gamer looks for in a classic platformer--it distills all the best and most whimsical features of the past into a great mobile package.'

'...deliriously addictive. Highly recommended.' - Levi Buchanan, (8.5/10)

'Nano Kid is a really fun platformer that packs a surprising amount of gameplay variety into a small space.' - Steve Palley, GameSpot Mobile (7.8/10)

'The graphics look especially colorful, clear and cute. Everything just moves and scrolls fluently, small details complete the good overall impression.' - (8/10)

Winner of Sony Ericsson Game Developer Challenge 2004! Nano Kid is an eye-candy platform game with beautiful graphics and great personality. It is fun to play, gives a complete experience and is suitable for all target groups.

Nano Kid was nominated for the Game Awards 05, the biggest game industry award in Sweden. As the only game for mobile phones it competed against titles for the GBA and the N-Gage such as Zelda and Pathway to Glory.

The only drawback is that it ends. I want more! - Mobil #11, 2004 (8/10)

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